Each fabric relates an endless and exciting story, from the origin of its vegetable or animal fibers, to the weaving techniques combining weft and warp in an twine of tradition and modernity among design, fashion and lifestyle.

The craftsmanship of Bolzan Letti products is recognizable in the quality of the fabrics, with a collection offering a complete choice of textile types made with natural materials: cotton, linen, silk, wool. A constantly expanding and evolving proposal that also stands out for the extraordinary variety of its offer: there are more than 500 possibilities allowing a total customization of the bed, with multiple combinations between upholstery and linen.

Tessuti Bolzan Letti


The back (A) is the most precious part of the leather and represents about 50% of its entire surface. Compared to the belly this area usually has fewer injuries. The fibers have a dense, uniform texture. The back is used for the front parts of the headboards and the front parts of the bedstructures. Shoulders (B) have a thicker fiber structure. They represent about 25% of the entire surface of the leather. The shoulders are used for side panels of the headboards. The hips and belly are thinner than the back.
Hips (C) represent each 12.5% of the entire surface of the leather. This part is used for the lower or hidden parts of headboards or bed frames. The leather we use, has been handcrafted and is the result of careful selection. Therefore its imperfections, any irregularities or non-uniformity of the material, of the color are to be regarded as qualities of preciousness and authenticity and not flaws. Just as the normal use over time could alter color and appearance. Leather and all products are handled with manual work that highlight the nuances of color making these products exclusive and unique.

Pelli Bolzan Letti